Land Transit in Africa and Europe

MJK Transit: services also available in Marseille and Anvers

For all your overland transit needs, MJK Transit will transport your goods in complete safety.

Overland import and export of your goods

MJK Transit occupies a central position in national and international overland transit. We specialize in removals, and have in-depth expertise in container, groupage and bulk transport. We also transport vehicles, rolling stock and oversized cargo.

We stand out as experts in transport to Europe and Africa. What sets us apart is our ability to support you in all your transport operations. We can design customized transport solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Our service is global: we take charge of the entire logistics chain, from the point of departure to the final destination.

Camions vus du dessus
Containers vus du dessus

Overland transit in Europe

There are several important advantages to professional ground transit. Here are some of the main advantages:

Expertise and experience: We have in-depth knowledge of the regulations, customs procedures and logistics requirements specific to each country.

Safety and insurance: We have a network of trusted carriers who are regularly assessed for safety and reliability.

Cost optimization: MJK Transit can help you optimize costs by choosing the most efficient routes. Our expertise can also help you consolidate shipments to reduce transportation costs.

Tracking and visibility: MJK Transit uses advanced tracking tools and technologies to enable you to track your shipments in real time. This gives you complete visibility over the location of your goods, so you can make informed decisions in the event of problems or delays.

Complex logistics management: Overland transit can involve several stages, including loading, unloading, transshipment and temporary storage. MJK Transit takes care of everything!

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